The human body was designed for movement, and sitting at a desk doing the repetitive motions required to use a computer for hours, day after day, is not easy. Most of us have habits of misuse of our bodies that even with the best ergonomically designed work station can cause pain and discomfort. The effects range from RSI (repetitive strain injury) such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis, to chronic neck and back pain, to persistent headaches. The need to meet deadlines often causes further misuse which compounds the problem. This is hardly an enjoyable situation.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique teach people how to observe and eliminate their own unique habits of misuse. Particular demands that are made on you cause you to react in a habitual pattern of misuse. You will learn how to meet this stimulus with ease. Learning how to sit, move, and work in a free, released, coordinated way is necessary in order to maximize your efficiency and be comfortable while working long hours at a desk and avoiding the associated injuries and burn out.