Playing one’s instrument or singing can place a great deal of repetitive stress on small muscle groups – fingers, facial muscles, throat muscles – leading to problems. Furthermore, the need to perform perfectly in a highly competitive environment causes stress that frequently manifests itself in excessive tension and tension in inappropriate places. Being in this state for hours per day, day after day, can cause symptoms ranging from pain and discomfort, compromised performances, performance anxiety, to feeling burned out and not enjoying music-making anymore.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique teach you how to observe and eliminate your own unique habits of misuse. The result is that you learn how to use yourself in the most efficient way possible, taking stress off of inappropriate muscle groups and eliminating excessive tension. Particular demands that are made on you while performing cause you to react in a habitual pattern of misuse. You will learn how to meet this stimulus instead with ease. Performing from a state of coordinated ease of movement will help you to avoid, reduce, or eliminate pain, discomfort, and performance anxiety, maximizing comfort and your enjoyment of your career or hobby.